Introducing Tripsta – Trip Statistics App Designed for the Tech-Savvy Explorer

We’ve all been there – traveling in a rental car, only to find that the trip stats we’re used to having in our own vehicles are nowhere to be found. That’s where our new app, Tripsta, comes in. Designed with the nerdy traveler in mind, Tripsta allows you to easily remember, analyze, and compare your trip data.

The app features a dashboard, settings, and several screens with detailed information. We’ve made sure to design it to be network independent, so you can use it even when you’re off the grid on your adventures.

The dashboard provides a variety of useful displays for your trip. First up is the current altitude, along with the minimum and maximum altitudes reached during your trip. This can come in handy when driving through mountain passes or other high elevation roads. Additionally, knowing the minimum altitude can help you estimate trip altitude gain.

The second display is the compass, which provides heading in degrees. We’ve opted to use compass measurements based on movement sensors of the device, as it allows for any device orientation inside the vehicle. The app doesn’t use magnetic compass in the device due to several reasons, including the fact that many devices don’t have a compass sensor at all.

Next up is the speed display. While most cars have speedometers, the app’s current speed display can be useful in situations where the car’s speedometer lacks resolution for lower speeds or when the screen is occupied by other information. The app also displays the average trip speed, a valuable measurement for long trips that can help validate total trip time over distance and assess the impact of vehicle speed and aerodynamics on fuel efficiency.

Lastly, the app displays the trip start location for diagnostic purposes (or for when you forget where you started!).

With Tripsta, you can extract and share your trip statistics summary easily, keep a history of your trips on your device or on Tripsta servers, and even export the GPX track to one of many applications that work with GPX. Explore smarter and geekier with Tripsta.

Download on Google Play and Apple AppStore.

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Travel enthusiast, passionate driver and proud owner of Tripsta. His love for automobiles ignited at a young age, growing into a lifelong passion for the open road. Combining his wanderlust with his love for driving, Michael founded Tripsta, a platform designed to capture and analyze trip statistics, providing invaluable insights for fellow travelers.



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